Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Minor setbacks

Starting on Wednesday of last week, I started experiencing some of the chemo and radiation side effects that I have been managing to avoid. The first was a drastic drop in energy level. It got so bad on Thursday that I took half a day off and went home to sleep. That was the first time I've not been able to work due to sickness since I don't know when. Also on Thursday, I noticed my lips were numb.

On Friday I toughed it out at work, but pretty much went to bed when I got home.

Over the weekend, I had fairly debilitating diarhea. This is caused by the radiation. Basically my entire digestive tract is inflamed. It's also very painful to go, this is due to the tumor being in the way, and is the original symptom that started this whole thing.

On Sunday my lips erupted in a series of cold sores. Not too bad, but very annoying. On Monday when I went in to get my chemo hooked back up, I knew I wouldn't be going to work. Unfortunately, the cold sores are a show stopper. They won't provide treatment unless they are completely healed. They also won't continue the radiation until the diarhea is under control. On the up side, I'd lost 8 pounds in a week. I'm sure it's only temporary, and fat as I am, hardly noticeable.

So here I am, it's Tuesday evening, I haven't eaten a full meal in probably a week. I've got enough Immodium in my system to float a battleship. I think the diahrea is under control, but that's still iffy. The cold sores have spread to the inside of mouth and the tip of my tongue. Makes it hard to talk. My energy level is a bit better, been drinking a lot of Gatorade.

The doctor says they won't do anything until next Monday. All this stuff has to settle down before they'll continue treatment. I've taken this week and next off from work to try to rest up and heal and get back on track. This will be the first time in a long time that I've actually used my vacation time around Christmas.

Despite all the whining and complaining you've just read, spirits are good, the outlook is good, the battle continues.