Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Hospital Visit

Julie and I were out on Sunday Christmas shopping. We stopped to have lunch. About an hour later I started to get the familiar sharp pain in pit of my stomach. I took some Malox Ultra, which usually does the trick, but the pain kept getting worse. We went to Toys-R-Us, I stayed in the van while Julie went in to shop. The pain got worse, so we decided to head home. About half way I had Julie pull of to the side of the highway so I could throw up. That seemed to help the pain a little bit. We continued home. After being home about an hour or so, I finally had Julie take me to the hospital. Sure enough my intestines had decided to stop functioning again. This time was easier though because it was "just" constipation. It was wierd though because I hadn't had any indication there was a problem. No bloating, no cramps, no discomfort at all that would lead me to believe I was constipated. Anyway, they gave me morphine and a laxative, let me stay overnight for "observation", and everything cleared up. I was back home by noon on Monday.

On the chemo side effects front, the neuropathy continues as before. My feet are still as numb as they were two months ago when I had my last treatment. It feels like the balls of my feet and my heels are swollen. They tingle with everystep. My hands if anything are worse than they were. My typing is a lot more error-prone, I hit multiple keys a lot. My fingertips down to about the second knuckle are numb/tingly. The other side effects (random pains, insomnia, nausea, cold sensitivity, etc) have all improved a lot.

All in all, things are going pretty well.

Merry Christmas to all...