Friday, January 2, 2009

Weekly (almost) Update

OK, I've been lazy. I haven't kept up with the blog like I should. So here's the last week in a nutshell:
  • December 25 - Christmas day, the kids had a lot of fun. I didn't feel real great, so I slept a good part of the day. Chemo was unhooked at about 10:00.
  • December 26 - Was still feeling tired and lazy, but had to get ready for Saturday, had the whole family coming down.
  • December 27 - Big party at the Moor house. My whole family made the trip, everything went really well. No fights, the food was great, everybody had a good time.
  • December 28 - We all took the day off, kids played with their new toys, mom & dad hung out and didn't do much.
  • December 29-30 - on vacation, nothing major going on. Ashley and Julie went up to Detroit to go shopping with mom and Rachelle. Then they went to see Wicked. I stayed home with Gloria. Gloria got to go with me to several doctor's appointments.
  • December 31 - Drove up to Angola to have dinner with Julie's family. It was nice to see everybody, drove back that night and had friends over for New Year's Eve.
  • January 1 - Watched football, started getting persistent diarhea again, oh joy.
  • January 2 - First full day back at work, so that's good. Today was supposed to be my last radiation, but the machine is broken, so it'll be Monday. I have a tremendous amount of Immodium in my system, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. It's been a rough day.