Monday, May 11, 2009

Better now

It's Monday, and I'm back at work. Only now, I feel fine. The chemo effects have all subsided. This is going to be a good week.

I just got back from an appointment with my surgeon. Everything is fine, he just wanted to make sure everything is healing ok, and it is. I'll be seeing him monthly for awhile, just to make sure everything is ok.

I did learn something interesting today, though. Apparently it takes about 10 years for a polyp to become a tumor. Statistically, anyway. Polyps start appearing around age 50, and a like increase in cancer starts around age 60. They infer from this that it's about a 10 year process for a polyp to become a tumor. My doctor called that number "hocus pocus", so take it with a grain of salt. He did say that the number was also confirmed by case studies of watching people with polyps back before they had the equipment to remove the polyps during the colonoscopy.