Monday, September 21, 2009

Muddling Along

This is a good week (no treatment). However, it seems the side effects are getting stronger and lasting longer. A few months ago the cold sensitivity would wane pretty quickly. By the weekend it would almost be gone. Well, it's Monday and it's just as strong as ever. I can't grab stuff out of the fridge without it hurting like hell. My feet started getting "tingly" with treatment about 6 weeks ago. Now it's to the point I have to wear socks to bed because I can't stand anything touching the bottoms of my feet. It's like they're asleep, except highly sensitive, very annoying. And I get the feeling they are going to be like that the rest of the way, it doesn't get better with time.

My last treatment is on October 12, just 5 short weeks away. By Halloween I should be feeling OK. I'm hoping that by ThanksGiving I'll be 100%. If not, it'll still be a great Christmas, compared to last year when I was pretty much laid out by radiation and chemo.