Monday, February 2, 2009

Surgery update

For the past couple weeks I've been healing. I feel pretty good these days, all the side effects from the chemo and radiation are gone.

I had an appointment with my surgeon today to schedule the surgery. It will be on March 7 at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. I'll be there for 5 days or so, then two weeks recovery at home. They are basically going to cut me open from just below my sternum vertically all the way down. Should make for a beautiful scar :).

On the upside, since the tumor is no longer visible, they are going to tattoo it from the inside on the day of the surgery so they can tell where the tumor was, so they know they're removing the right pieces and parts. This means the radiation worked really well, it eliminated the tumor. Surgery is still necessary though because if they don't remove the damaged portion of the rectum the cancer will return. And, from what I understand, if it returns in the same spot it's more aggressive.

So for right now, there's nothing to do but try to get as healthy as possible leading up to the big day.