Sunday, June 7, 2009

Looking up

I know it's been awhile, sorry.

I had my 3rd treatement last Monday, with the new anti-nausea meds. It went much better, no vomiting. I was still out for two days, but it was much easier. I also bounced back much faster than the previous treatment. So, spirits are much better, I can deal with this stuff.

This treatment went sort of like this:
Monday: Hell. Chemo all morning, lying on the couch trying (successfully) not to throw up all afternoon/evening. Cold sensitivity, peripheral neuropathy side effects hit full force. Drinking a room temperature glass of water makes my mouth numb, I sound drunk.
Tuesday: Yuck. Work a little from home, but mostly still lying on the couch. Feel much better by evening. Side effects still in full effect.
Wednesday: Back at work, actually productive and able to focus. Still a little sick. Can drink room temperature water and only my tongue goes numb. An improvement.
Thursday/Friday: Side effects continue to wane, able to work and function just fine.
Saturday: Slept all afternoon, like 4 hours. Guess it must have been catch-up sleep.
Sunday: Today, I'm fine. Just being lazy this morning working on the computer.

Looking forward to a symptom-free week :)