Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's been around 3 weeks since my hospital stay, and over a month since my last chemo treatment. My feet and fingertips are still numb, and my bowels are still inflamed/irritated, but all other side effects have pretty much faded. I'm feeling pretty good these days, my strength is coming back little by little.

My doctor thinks I've developed lactose intolerance, which is causing my bowel issues. I think that's definitely possible, as both my brother and my dad are lactose intolerant. So, I've cut out milk and milk products. I'm going to go pick up some Lactaid pills today. We'll see.

On the weight front, I know weigh 162 pounds. I started out a year ago at 233. I hit my all time low a couple days after my last hospital stay at 158. I'm hoping the holidays will bump me up to around 170, which is where I'd like to stay.

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