Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And it begins

It's been awhile since I've written, been lazy I guess. On Friday the 7th I got the port put in, it was easy. It was an all day affair, but most of it was sitting around waiting. Got all the info on the meds (again) from my nurse (Patty). She's very nice and explains everything well. My only issue so far is that everybody talks to me like I'm 12. It's a bit annoying. Well meaning, but annoying.

I spent the weekend cleaning out the garage, had to do something other than sitting around.

On Monday, I got the first chemo treatments and started on the 5-FU infusion. I have a fanny-pack that never leaves my side, even while sleeping. On Friday they'll come to the office to unhook it, so I'll have weekends off.

So far, I have suffered no side effects from the chemo.

I also started the radiation treatments on Monday. Every weekday I'll stop by on the way to the office and get zapped.

The game just started, but so far so good...

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  1. Great, now you are attached to a fanny-pack, a laptop, and a cell phone.